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Profile – Clive
Profile – Clive

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Clive spent most of his career in the computer industry during which time he ran three key UK companies. The last of these three was the UK subsidiary of an American software house which he started from scratch. Having grown the UK company substantially he then participated in the management buyout of the American parent and its UK and Australian subsidiaries.

The sale of the parent company in 2002 resulted in Clive becoming financially independent and thus being able to get involved with many diverse business interests. He is now a director of a number of companies including a software house, a design consultancy, a strategic planning company and a mergers & acquisitions company. He also owns a business planning company and a property business.

Clive originally obtained a degree in engineering from Aston University. His first job was in corporate finance for a large engineering organisation as part of which he undertook accountancy training. An early move into the newly emerging computer industry with further training and roles in sales & marketing led ultimately to general management / Managing Director positions.

Today he spends a lot of time helping entrepreneurs and start-ups with advice on business planning, finance and funding and sales & marketing. He does this through his own business planning company, Escal8or.