Profile – Adrian

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Profile – Adrian
Profile – Adrian

noun_5735_cc  /  English. French.

noun_5735_cc  /  Birmingham, UK

noun_126080_cc  /  £2.50 per min


Adrian has started 4 businesses, the third of which focus on working with startups and training (and has done so for 10 years).

Gwlad Courtney has advised startups and SME clients in a variety of sectors, has clients in the UK, France, Portugal, China, the US and UAE/Saudi. Working on leadership, soft management skills, and corporate venture projects for 4 yrs on Pan-Middle East projects. As a coach on the Worcester university startup programme, Adrian has also delivered training courses and devised strategic training programmes for (i) university startup programmes (ii) finance training for public sector organisations undergoing a change in status and (iii) developing and training a franchisable business and its franchisees.

Also a co-founder of mykontiki uk – which will be the UK (and perhaps international) arm of a Finnish startup. 

Specialties in developing the business case for early partners, revenue streams, minimising cash burn, innovation, sourcing funding, sharing and learning from the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur!